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02/17/2012 I’ll put in the first five kopecks on this modification. Used as a toy once a week, forgive me trolls, we have a joke – I drive a car because there is no money for the subway. There were a lot of cars, mostly shitty, although relatively new, you can talk for a long time about TSI, DSG and other AL-4s, whoever wants to can go through the search what they write about them. Problems are possible after hundreds of thousands of kilometers, I have 35000 (far away yet). There are no problems in motion, the classic rear-wheel drive stabilization system (which can be turned off, does not turn off at all) acceleration is slightly dumbfounded at first, then you get used to it, but it’s very difficult to drive calmly, the question arises why then
it doesn’t stand out much externally, only a nameplate 130, a dual exhaust and wheels for 17, so it won’t work for fans of external effects. The main problem is hatches and pits, crooked servicemen and these, today I saw a pelotobemeve, itching for him, he shies away on his three 325 from a row to a row. call the tower to anyone
blow away from charisma and stereotypes.To be continued. This is exactly a car for the driver. or the proximity of the metro, you’ll be more useful) Well, since we honored with comments, including adequate people, and not just level 80 trolls, let’s continue: In terms of reliability, a penny is a cocktail of larger models of the concern. Let them write in excellent form in magazines, I’ll try closer to the ground). Let them write in magazines in excellent form, I’ll try closer to the ground).

Bmw 130 tips

I’ll insert the first five kopecks on this modification. I was also pleased with the battery in the trunk with a squib on the terminal, if you disconnect it incorrectly, a shot in the head, you won’t immediately guess how to unscrew it, in short, the car hints like a BE, don’t go to kill. lost for years, put an electric pump. I know firsthand about the French, so it’s already difficult to surprise with anything. we can recall the joint development of a pyzho with a bmw -1.6 about one hundred and fifty forces, especially at the beginning. There’s also not much to fit in the trunk, except perhaps the most necessary, such as a subwoofer) It’s hard to say for reliability, the mileage is small, annoying absence oil dipstick (only electronically on tidy) – engines structurally love oil, though I haven’t noticed it yet. Let’s go back, the suspension is made of iron and not aluminum, consumables are standard like everyone else, given the heavy engine, engine mounts may be asked earlier, traditional problems with cooling, destruction of the pump impeller, I don’t remember the year 06 before or after the solution of the problem, I remember there were jambs with a steering wheel at the beginning of the release. The salon intersects with other models of the concern, but in some places the plastic is simpler (you still can’t get to sleep on it, so God bless him) this car has optional sports seats if there are problems https://cars45et.com/listing/other_make/other_model/2019 with the spine or with a wide ass for a long time it will be difficult to sit. For girls, because of the excess power, it’s also not very suitable, although it was from the girl that I bought it, it was impossible to refuse. We can immediately say that it is very easy to kill yourself on it, especially when you are young, and the most interesting thing is that it was made for them, because inside plump middle-aged men will fit with difficulty.